A Message from ALA

A message from the ALA Executive Board

Update 1/13/20:   The ALA Executive Board is fully committed to intellectual freedom. We believe that the words and actions of our association should reflect our most cherished values, including free speech in every form of its expression. We affirm the right of ALA members to peaceful protest, and we will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure members' rights are always first and foremost in any decision and how it is communicated. 


A message from Mary Ghikas, ALA Executive Director

Update 1/13/20:   As has been ALA’s longstanding practice, there will be no designated space for protest at ALA conferences. Any registered conference attendee can protest peacefully during the conference. However, if the protest becomes disruptive or causes a safety concern, the protestors will be asked to stop by ALA security or ALA Conference Services staff. Again, we apologize for the confusion. See you soon in Philadelphia. 

Original message 1/9/20:   In internal discussions, “The Square” was seen as a way to provide designated space for protest and for sharing information on issues about which groups of members feel deeply. Clearly we missed the mark. We’ve pulled down the page and will be regrouping shortly to determine how best we can balance the needs of all attendees and exhibitors in Philadelphia. We apologize for the confusion this has caused. As always, we thank you for your feedback.