Sustainability - Commitments from Meeting and Conference Partners

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Commitments from Meeting and Conference Partners

ALA works with several meeting and conference partners to help make the Midwinter Meeting possible. These partners have established commitments to sustainability that help ensure a more sustainable meeting experience. 

The Pennsylvania Convention Center

The 2020 ALA Midwinter Meeting will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, a LEED® Gold Certified Building. 

“The Pennsylvania Convention Center is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and services by taking stewardship in using equipment and products designed to reduce negative impacts while providing a healthy, high-performance cleaning operation within our facility. Since 2006, we have been using as a guideline GS-42 (green seal environmental standard for cleaning services) and have found that we have been practicing environmental sustainability in conjunction with our cleaning service provider since 1999.”

To learn more about the Convention Center's commitment to sustainability, please visit

Aramark at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

The convention center's food service provider, Aramark, implements programs to reduce their environmental impact. They place special emphasis on responsible sourcing, waste minimization, and efficient operations. They purchase local, seasonal and responsibly raised, grown, and sourced products. They minimize their waste by reducing and recycling. Across operations, they have established practices from initial purchase to final waste disposal that decrease the overall cost of waste both environmentally and financially.

To learn more about Aramark's commitment to sustainability, please visit

GES (Event Signage and Decoration)

GES has implemented several initiatives in its warehouses and with clients at venues around the world.

Kushner & Associates (Shuttle Service)

Shuttles are the most eco-friendly option for point-to-point transportation versus ride share, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and lowering traffic congestion. Kushner & Associates designs the most efficient transportation systems possible utilizing the fewest number of motorcoaches traveling the shortest distances possible. In addition to training drivers to reduce idling and the use of A/C whenever feasible and practical to decrease fuel consumption, Kushner participates in a carbon-offset program to mitigate the shuttle’s carbon footprint. You can learn more about Kushner & Associate's green initiatives at their website